da Conch Shack

Directions- On Leeward Highway, head West towards downtown.  Pass Suzi Turn Roundabout, and 5 Cays (Industrial Drive) Roundabout.  Coming up on the left side, you will see a large green sign for Blue Hills Roundabout.  Make a right at the Blue Hills Roundabout- you are now on Millennium Highway.  Keep a look out for a large ‘Tourism is Key, Clean is cool’ sign, and ‘Welcome to Blue Hills’ sign, which will be on your right side.  Immediately after these signs, on your left you will see a white sign that says ‘Bay Road & da Conch Shack.’  On your right will be a very large white sign that says ‘Welcome to Blue Hills, The Soul of Provo.’  Turn right here.  Coming up on your right, will be da Conch Shack.

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Beaches Resort

Directions-  On Lower Bight Road, head West towards Turtle Cove.  On your right, you will see a large red and white sign for Paradise Gaming Parlour.  Keep a look out for Palm Grove Town Homes, which will be coming up on your right.  A little past Palm Grove, on your left, will be a brown sign pointing left for Leeward Highway.  Almost directly across from the Leeward sign, on the right, will be the entrance to Beaches. Continue reading

Beach House

Directions- On Lower Bight Road, head West towards Turtle Cove. You will pass Beaches Resort, which will be on your right side. You will pass the sign for Coral Gardens Resort & Somewhere Restaurant, which will be on your right side. You’ll then pass a little road on your right called Via Camilla. Look out for the Beach House sign, which is coming up next. Turn right into the resort.

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Mango Reef @ Alexandra Resort

Directions- On Grace Bay Road, head West towards the Bight. Drive past all of the shops in Grace Bay. You’ll reach the roundabout by The Sands Resort (which is on your right side.) Veer to the left. You will reach the second roundabout with a sign for The Village at Grace Bay (which is on your left side.) Drive straight through. You’ll reach the third roundabout. Take a left. You’ll see a large sign for The Alexandra Resort & Mango Reef Restaurant. Take a right here, on Princess Dr. You will pass The Regent Palms on your right. The next right, you will see large blue columns for The Alexandra Resort. Take a right here. There are signs in the parking lot that show you where to park for the restaurant.

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The Bight Park

Directions- On Lower Bight Road, head West towards Turtle Cove. Once you pass Beaches (which will be on your right), you are getting close. You will pass Coral Gardens, West Bay Club, and Gansevoort (all on your right as well.) Immediately past Gansevoort, get ready to take the next available right, which has a sign for Princess Alexandra National Park, Beach Access. (On your left you will see a sign for the Department of Environmental and Coastal Resources.) Turn right, into the park. There will be plenty of parking available.

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