Turtle Tail Beach

Turtle Tail Beach is located on the southern shore of Provo.  The most eastern point is at Caicos Marina & Shipyard. The most western point is at Cooper Jack Bay.

Turtle Tail is a residential neighborhood.  There are some beautiful homes and villas in this area, located on Venetian Road, right off of Leeward Highway.  Some homes back up to Flamingo Lake, and Turtle Lake.  Others back up to the ocean.  Most of the beach in Turtle Tail is located off of private homes, but there are a few areas that the public can reach.





As you can see, the sand is filled with brush practically right up to the water.  In this particular cove area there are tons of sand holes in the water.  Not quite sure what they are from, but every time I come out here I always think some terrible giant lobster/crab/sea creature is going to come out and bite my feet, haha.



There are several small cays/islands not too far out from the water.  I’ve always wanted to wade out and check them out, but never have.


Here’s what the rocky coastline looks like.


Love watching the water surges!  (There are little caves under the rocks.)





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