Cooper Jack Bay

Cooper Jack Bay is located centrally on the southern shore of Provo.  The most eastern point is at Turtle Tail.  The western point is at Five Cays beach.

Cooper Jack Bay is a great secluded beach.  It can be tricky to get to… you must walk down a cliff that only at some parts has a beaten pathway.  You must be very careful where you step, as sadly there is quite a few broken bottles/glass.  I’d only recommend coming out here if you are with someone who really knows the area.  But, when you do climb down the cliff and jump (only a foot or two 😉 ) onto the sand below, it’s a beautiful beach.




Mostly rock, brush and some interesting plants on the cliff.



This is an entrance to a ‘pirate cave’.  My boyfriend said when he was a kid, he’d always come hide out.  Now it’s pretty overgrown.


Here’s a path leading straight into the brush.


Here’s a lovely uhh, some type of animal, rock statue?



This is the view of the cliff from the water.  When you are coming down, you have to jump off from the ledge on the left (the rock on the right is a little too far down to hop on to.)  But when you are going up, you can step on the rock on the right, to help boost you up on the ledge on the left.  You know you are an island girl when you can do all this climbing and navigating while wearing flip-flops, haha.


Not only is there the cliff, but also some large rock formations in front of the cliff.  Makes for really interesting water patterns based on the tide.



Such a pretty beach.




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