da Conch Shack

Directions- On Leeward Highway, head West towards downtown.  Pass Suzi Turn Roundabout, and 5 Cays (Industrial Drive) Roundabout.  Coming up on the left side, you will see a large green sign for Blue Hills Roundabout.  Make a right at the Blue Hills Roundabout- you are now on Millennium Highway.  Keep a look out for a large ‘Tourism is Key, Clean is cool’ sign, and ‘Welcome to Blue Hills’ sign, which will be on your right side.  Immediately after these signs, on your left you will see a white sign that says ‘Bay Road & da Conch Shack.’  On your right will be a very large white sign that says ‘Welcome to Blue Hills, The Soul of Provo.’  Turn right here.  Coming up on your right, will be da Conch Shack.

A food speciality on Provo is conch, and Conch Shack knoooows how to do it right.  Conch Shack also knows how to do rum, and their rum bar is excellent.  It’s located right on the beach in Blue Hills, and has such a fun atmosphere.





For an appetizer, I highly recommend Conch Fritters.  Conch pieces inside a delicious hush puppy batter.  If you’re from the southern states (like me) you’ll know and love hush puppies-  Cornmeal and spices fried to perfection!


For entree, I always get the same thing.  Cracked conch, peas n rice, and fried plantains.  Cracked conch is conch fried in a light batter.  Peas and rice is very Caribbean- kidney beans and seasoned rice. Plantains are fabulous- I love them fried.  Tastes similar to a french fry, but slightly firmer and sweeter.

conchshackcrackconchDrink of choice, always always rum punch.  It’s definitely up there on my list of top rum punches on island.

conchshackrumpunchWhen you go during the day, the view of Blue Hills Beach is beautiful.  But, at night, the lights at da Conch Shack are great.





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