Beaches Resort

Directions-  On Lower Bight Road, head West towards Turtle Cove.  On your right, you will see a large red and white sign for Paradise Gaming Parlour.  Keep a look out for Palm Grove Town Homes, which will be coming up on your right.  A little past Palm Grove, on your left, will be a brown sign pointing left for Leeward Highway.  Almost directly across from the Leeward sign, on the right, will be the entrance to Beaches. Some friends’ of my Mom recently visited the island (small world, right!?) and they were kind enough to invite me to Beaches on a day pass.  Beaches is a huge all-inclusive resort.  Beaches is under the same ownership as Sandals Resorts- where only adult couples are welcome.  Beaches is like the family version of Sandals, with children allowed. Beaches offers day passes, where for a set price and a certain time, anyone can come enjoy the resort.  My pass was from 10am-6pm.  This was my first time at Beaches.  I had heard of the massive size, but was blown away when I was actually there.  It really is huge! Beaches is divided into villages- Key West, Italian, French, & Caribbean.  The look/restaurants/activities reflect each village that they are in.  The grounds are so beautiful.  You can tell they are really looked after. beachesvilla beacheslandscape beachesgrounds


beachespool2 Like I stated earlier, Beaches is an all-inclusive resort.  Some of the water activities will cost an extra amount, but food/drink is already included in the price.  So yes, it is ‘free’ and definitely unlimited, every time you go to any restaurant/bar in the resort.  Tipping is not allowed!  It feels really weird at first to walk up to bar, get your drink, and not give the bartender any sort of payment, but believe me, you get used to it very fast 😉 beachesmiamivice beachesrumbar The staff here is great.  Every time you pass an employee they greet you right away, and make you feel very welcome.  (If only everywhere on the island was like that! 😛 ) We mostly hung out on the beach in the water, and grabbed lunch at The Jerk Shack.  It was fabulous!  I had some pulled pork, chicken, and sweet potato fries.  Jerk seasoning is Jamaican, and if you like spice, it is definitely for you!  Even though it was overcast and rained some, it was still a beautiful time. Overcast is actually a little bit of a blessing, because the sun here is so brutal, it’s nice to have a little coverage. beachesgracebaybeach beaches from water beacheswatercrop

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