Sapodilla Bay

Directions- Sapodilla Bay is located on the southwest side of the island. The westernmost point ends at Taylor Bay.  The easternmost point ends a little before South Dock (the port where most cargo comes in.)

Sapodilla Bay is like a zero-entry pool , but of course natural.  When you first step in, it’s ankle-deep for quite some time. It doesn’t get deep until pretty far out.


sapodilla shallow

In this next picture, even though I’m out that far from the shore, the water is only up to my chest!


The sand at Sapodilla is insanely soft, both on shore and in the water.  Usually when you first step into the ocean, the sand will be very soft, but the further you go out, it’ll harden up.  I was all the out to my chest (which was pretty far out) and I was still slightly sinking in with each step!  The beach is a pretty nice size, I almost fit all of it in a panoramic.

sapodillapanoramicAs expected, the water and sand are beautiful.





Hi little fish!  The next time I go to Sapodilla, I’m definitely bringing a snorkel.

sapodillafishThe beach also has some great rocks for exploring up close.



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