Top O’ the Cove Deli

Directions- On Leeward Highway, drive West towards downtown.  You will pass the Beaches Roundabout,  IGA Supermarket Roundabout, and Venetian Road Roundabout.  You’ll pass Provo Plaza, which will be on your left side. Keep a look out for Fortis building, which will soon come up on your right hand side.  You’ll see Shell Gas Station on your left hand side.  Coming up, will be a 4-way-stop, and Suzi Turn Roundabout.  At the stop/roundabout, make a left into the Bayview Motors Parking Lot.  Turn left, and you will see Top O’ the Cove two buildings down from Bayview. Top O’ the Cove Deli is one of my favorite island spots for lunch.  My go-to is their fish sandwich and fries.  The fish is always huge!  Also, fried to perfection, mmm.  I love their fries.  Crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside.  Don’t forget to ask for a side of the tartar sauce- delish! topocovefishnfriesThe deli offers breakfast & lunch. They have their menu staples, as well as island-style specials of the day.  Top O’ the Cove is well-known on island for their catering services.  They do fresh fruit, meats & cheese, sandwiches..whatever you wish!  I’ve had their catering and it is always fabulous.  You can tell they only use the freshest produce.  It’s hard to fake fresh ingredients when you’re serving them as stand-alone catering plates! Recently, they started offering Frappuccinos, and they are soooo delish.  They can make practically any flavor.  My favorite so far is caramel. delifrappy Top O’ the Cove is decorated so cute inside, definitely New York deli style. deli1 deli outside deliflower

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