Long Bay Beach

Directions- Long Bay Beach is located on the southeast side of the island.  The westernmost point ends at Leeward Marina/Heaving Down Rock.   Past the Marina is Leeward Beach.  The easternmost point ends at the Caicos Marina & Shipyard.  Past the Marina, is Turtle Tail area.  Turtle Tail has hardly any sand- the coastline is mainly rocky hills backing up to houses.

Long Bay Beach is located in the neighborhood of Long Bay.  There are houses throughout the area, as well as private villas along the shore.  The eastern side is pretty cool, with lots of rocks.







Long Bay is the beach to go to if you’re interested in kiteboarding.  The Beach over here gets a pretty good constant wind.  There’s always lessons going on, and even professional boarders.  It’s so fun to watch. I’ve never kiteboarded before, but I’d be up to try it!  Although there’s not a ‘no swimming sign’ most respect that this is ‘the kiteboarding area’, and don’t get in the way of the kiteboarders.  Everyone mostly watches from the sand, or walks up and down, but is just mindful to quickly get out of the way if a kite comes close!




I love the location pole.  Although.. there definitely needs to be a Texas one!



Currently being built is The Shore Club.  This will be the first ever resort on Long Bay.  Everyone has been very excited to see how it comes together when it’s finally complete.  It’s looking good so far!


The sand bank isn’t as long as Grace Bay or Leeward’s, but it’s still plenty soft to walk all over.  The water gets slightly more debris washing up near the bank, however it’s still gorgeous and crystal-clear.





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