Top 5 in New York City

I just got back from vacation in New York City, and had such a fun time.  My first time to visit the city was in February 2013, and my first thoughts were, “It’s exactly how it looks in the movies!”  Growing up in the South, the idea of ever having a White Christmas was so fantastic, and I so looked forward to the day when I’d get to actually visit NYC.  Winter in the city is so beautiful with the cold and snow and all the bright lights, but Summer is great too.  Here are my top 5 favorites from my recent trip!

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Top 5 in Montreal

My first vacation to Montreal was in November 2012, and I have been in love ever since!  Montreal is a city in the province of Quebec, in Canada.  We just returned from our fourth trip to Montreal, and had a blast.  Montreal is special to me because it’s the first vacation my boyfriend and I took together.  Cheesy I know!  Here is a list of my top 5 places to go in the city.

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Directions- On Grace Bay Road, head West towards The Bight.  Seven Stars Resort will be on your right side.  You will see Bella Luna Restaurant on your left.  You will pass the first street on your right, Regent Street.  Look out for The Saltmills entrance on your left hand side.  Immediately across on your right will be Ventura Drive.   Take a right on Ventura Drive.  Drive all the way down, and Lupo is the final building on the left side.

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Directions- On Grace Bay Road, head West towards The Bight.  Seven Stars Resort will be on your right side.  You will see Bella Luna Restaurant on your left.  Coming up on your right will be all of the shops in Regent Village.  The first business you will see is Wine & Spirits, immediately to its left is Turkberry.  As you can see, plenty of parking all around.

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Top O’ the Cove Deli

Directions- On Leeward Highway, drive West towards downtown.  You will pass the Beaches Roundabout,  IGA Supermarket Roundabout, and Venetian Road Roundabout.  You’ll pass Provo Plaza, which will be on your left side. Keep a look out for Fortis building, which will soon come up on your right hand side.  You’ll see Shell Gas Station on your left hand side.  Coming up, will be a 4-way-stop, and Suzi Turn Roundabout.  At the stop/roundabout, make a left into the Bayview Motors Parking Lot.  Turn left, and you will see Top O’ the Cove two buildings down from Bayview. Continue reading

Seven @ Seven Stars Resort

Directions- On Grace Bay Road, drive West towards The Bight.  You will pass Provo Golf Club (which will be on your left.)  Coming up, you will pass a sign for Coco Bistro (also on your left side.).  The first roundabout you will come to, is the Seven Stars roundabout.  Drive through the roundabout and turn right into the resort.  The gate guard will point you in the direction of where to park for the restaurant.

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Long Bay Beach

Directions- Long Bay Beach is located on the southeast side of the island.  The westernmost point ends at Leeward Marina/Heaving Down Rock.   Past the Marina is Leeward Beach.  The easternmost point ends at the Caicos Marina & Shipyard.  Past the Marina, is Turtle Tail area.  Turtle Tail has hardly any sand- the coastline is mainly rocky hills backing up to houses.

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