Kitchen 218 @ Beach House

Directions- On Lower Bight Road, head West towards Turtle Cove. You will pass Beaches Resort, which will be on your right side. You will pass the sign for Coral Gardens Resort & Somewhere Restaurant, which will be on your right side. You’ll then pass a little road on your right called Via Camilla. Look out for the Beach House sign, which is coming up next. Turn right into the resort.

Kitchen 218 is one of our favorite places on island for date night.

kitchen 218 restaurant


The restaurant offers several amuse bouche to start the meal. This night, we had olive and tomato-topped crostini, bread with olive oil and vinegar, and a shot of spiced vegetable soup.  Yum!


Their Poinsettia cocktail is amazing, I highly recommend it.


For an appetizer, we split the conch carpaccio. It was delicious!

For entree, I ordered the tortellini. It was in a fabulous ginger béchamel sauce that I wanted to lick off of the plate.

kitchen218 tortellini

One thing I love about Kitchen 218 is they are always revamping the menu. I haven’t ordered the same entree any more than three or four times. It’s so fun to look forward to seeing what new meals will be on the menu.  They’re always updating their Facebook pages with the newest culinary items.. check them out!

Kitchen 218 @ Beach House

Chef Cristian Rebolledo

Beach House is beautiful and especially so at night.  Makes for a very romantic evening out!

kitchen218 night viewbeachhousegazebo


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