Leeward Beach

Directions- Leeward Beach is located on the northeast side of the island. The westernmost point of Leeward Beach ends at a large Leeward sign. Past this is Grace Bay Beach. The easternmost point is Blue Haven Marina/Heaving Down Rock.  Past the Marina is Long Bay Beach.

leeward sign beach

The Beach is located along the coast of the Leeward neighborhood.

leeward sign 2

Leeward Beach is considered the quieter part of Grace Bay Beach.  It’s much more secluded.  We love packing a picnic, and enjoying a quiet weekend afternoon.

There are no resorts along the Beach, except for Blue Haven Resort (which isn’t accessible on foot anyways due to the location of the Marina.)  There are some private homes/villas located on the beach, which are absolutely gorgeous.

Leeward Beach has soft white sand, and crystal clear water.leewardwater1




A part of Leeward Beach is nicknamed Pelican Beach, for obvious reasons 😉


Other birds enjoy it here too. 🙂


I love all of the rocks.  Makes for beautiful scenery.



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