Beach House

Directions- On Lower Bight Road, head West towards Turtle Cove. You will pass Beaches Resort, which will be on your right side. You will pass the sign for Coral Gardens Resort & Somewhere Restaurant, which will be on your right side. You’ll then pass a little road on your right called Via Camilla. Look out for the Beach House sign, which is coming up next. Turn right into the resort.

beach house sign

Beach House is a beautiful boutique resort located in The Bight/ Grace Bay. A lot of people argue over where ‘exactly’ the west end of Grace Bay ends/the east end of The Bight begins. I consider anything west of Coral Gardens The Bight, since The Bight Reef is located in front of Coral Gardens. But.. to each their own, as some can be quite touchy on this subject. 😉

Typically, wherever you live, you don’t vacation there. You’d want to save your money on some place that is a treat, that you don’t get to go that often, or, have never been to before. Most of the people that live here would rather spend their vacation money getting ‘off the rock’ (as we lovingly call it!) Especially those that yearn for things that city life has, that the island does not -shopping, shopping, SHOPPING! However, when you live on a beautiful tropical island, the idea of a staycation sounds mighty promising!

Last Spring, we stayed at the Beach House, and had a wonderful time!

beach house view from ocean

We arrived in the afternoon, and were IMMEDIATELY greeted with a welcome drink. #islandlife

beach house welcome drink

We checked into our room- Charming. The rooms do not have numbers, but instead names- Delight, Cherish, Calmed, Enchanted, Coral, etc. I LOVE original ideas like that. Like I stated earlier, it’s a boutique resort. There are only 21 suites! Our time here was perfect. Nice, quiet, and very romantic!

beach house bed

We spent the afternoon on the beach, and had lunch on the outdoor deck. While facing the water, West Bay Club is to the left, and villas to the right.

beach house water

beach house drink water

beach house relax

Of course, I had to check out the Spa, Elevate. It did not disappoint. I had the 30-minute Chill Out massage, and it was a perfect way to wind down.

Beach House’s bath products are so fun. They offer a few free of charge in your room. You can purchase more in the shop, located by the front desk. My favorite is the body lotion. So smooth and smells delicious. It smells like summer, but without that overpowering suntan lotion smell. Plus, you can’t loose with the name Rich & Sexy.

beach house bathroom

beach house products

For dinner, we had a 5-course tasting, which was so delicious. I love small plates, and getting to sample different types of food. I only snapped a picture of our dessert, slice of cheesecake. YUM!

beach house cheesecake yum

Note- Last Spring when we went, the restaurant was simply Beach House Restaurant. Now, it has changed to Kitchen 218. We’ve been several times since, and the food is amazing. I’ll have to make an upcoming post focusing on Kitchen 218 soon.

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