Lemon2go & Flowers by EA

Directions- On Grace Bay Road, head West towards the Bight. You will pass the Seven Stars roundabout (Seven Stars will be on your right side.) This is the heart of Grace Bay! Lots of fun touristy places to check out. Look out for the Salt Mills Plaza Sign on your left side. Across the street, barely past Ventura Drive (on your right side) you will see Turks & Caicos Sotheby’s. Lemon2go & Flowers by EA is located next to it. As you can see, plenty of parking all around.

Outside Lemon

Lemon2go & Flowers by EA (located in one shop) is definitely one of my favorite places on island. What girl wouldn’t love the combination of coffee, snacks, flowers, and pretty products!?

Produce Candles
At Lemon, I always either get a latte, or iced vanilla latte (creature of habit.) They also set out fresh treats- cookies, muffins, croissants, etc. The baristas are great. Very sweet, AND very good at brewing coffee!

Lemon Menu

Yum Latte

Yum Iced Vanilla Latte

Lemon Treat 1

Lemon Treat 2

Lemon Treat 3

Flowers by EA has flowers (obviously) and all sorts of fun, girly products- candles, body lotion, bath wash, soap, hand wash, hand lotion, perfume, seasonal decor (Halloween, Christmas), etc. They change the decor/get new products in all the time, and I love seeing how they arrange everything.

Indoor Flower 1

Indoor Flower 2

You can choose your own flowers, or, kindly ask the florists for some assistance in putting something together. I pretend I know what I’m doing when I pick them out myself (haha!), but most of the time, if they’re not already busy, I’d much rather them put together something amazing for me. The girls who work here are fabulous! Flowers by EA caters a ton of weddings on island, so obviously, they really know what they are doing. Here’s some of my favorite recent purchases. 🙂

flowers 1

flowers 2

flowers 3

flowers 4

flowers 5

flowers 6

flowers 7

flowers 8

flowers 10

flowers 9

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