The Bight Park

Directions- On Lower Bight Road, head West towards Turtle Cove. Once you pass Beaches (which will be on your right), you are getting close. You will pass Coral Gardens, West Bay Club, and Gansevoort (all on your right as well.) Immediately past Gansevoort, get ready to take the next available right, which has a sign for Princess Alexandra National Park, Beach Access. (On your left you will see a sign for the Department of Environmental and Coastal Resources.) Turn right, into the park. There will be plenty of parking available.

Bight Park Sign

The Bight Park is a great spot for picnicking and hanging at the beach. It is located in The Bight, with an ocean view of The Bight Beach. (The Bight Reef is located a little to the East, in front of Coral Gardens.)

Bight Park Sign n Rules

Bight Park Walk

Bight Park Walk 2

We’ve been having some rain this week, so the water is a little more choppy than usual. Normally, it’s very calm. The first time I saw the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of West Palm Beach in Florida, I was amazed at how wild the waves were! I was barely out to my calves and the waves were going over my head! On island, we have a lot of reefs, so the waves hardly ever get crazy like that. While facing the water, Gansevoort is to your right, and Aquamarine Beach House Villas are to your left.

BP Waves 1

BP Waves 2

At the Park, there’s plenty of covered benches (perfect for picnicking!) I like the woodsy area, with trails and lots of pretty greenery.

BP Garden Sign

BP Bench 1

BP Bench 2

BP Agave & Aloes

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