Ricky’s Flamingo Cafe

Directions- On Grace Bay Road, drive East towards Leeward. Look out for Provo Golf Club (which will be on your right.) Across the street, on your left, will be Club Med. Get ready to take the next available left, which has a large sign for Opus Restaurant. Turn left here, and take the road all the way down. Ricky’s is at the very end of the road, with plenty of parking available.

Front of Ricky's

Ricky’s is a great bar located at the end of Grace Bay. Well..it’s actually a restaurant but I can’t attest to the food, as I’ve only ever been to the bar. Haha.

Bar at Ricky's

There is covered seating, as well as a small uncovered area.

Indoor at Ricky's

Outdoor at Ricky's

There’s also a cultural market place, if you are looking for some fun souvenirs to take back home.

Cultural Ricky's

Shop Ricky's

Ricky’s has great drinks at great prices. We got a rum punch and a banana daiquiri, and they were only $8 each! Many bars at resorts charge upwards of $20 per cocktail.

Rum Punch at Ricky's

Banana Daiquiri at Ricky's

The ocean view of Grace Bay Beach from the restaurant is fabulous. I love to take my drink out and sit on the sand. (Remember to ask for your drink in a plastic cup!) This particular time I forgot..oops. I promise I returned it back to the bar!

Ocean View Ricky's

Jess Ricky's

When you’re facing the beach, Club Med is on your left, and Ocean Club is on your right. The dock is used by Club Med.

Dock Ricky's

Aren’t the colors just gorgeous?

Beach Ricky's

Water Ricky's

Water 2 Ricky's

Beach 2 Ricky's

Tree Ricky's

Ricky's Water Side

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