Location, Location, Location

I think it only fitting that my first post be about where in the world I am! I live in the country of Turks & Caicos, a British Overseas Territory, located in the British West Indies. We’re about 570 miles southeast of Miami, Florida, and 90 miles north of Haiti/Dominican Republic. Technically we’re in the Atlantic Ocean… but most consider it part of the Caribbean.

Map of British West Indies & CaribbeanImage courtesy http://www.worldatlas.com

There’s around 40 islands in the whole chain, but only a handful are inhabited. The island I live on, Providenciales (known as Provo), is the most populated. The year-round resident population is around 23,000. However, there’s WELL over that number in tourists each year.

Map of TCI

 Image courtesy http://www.turksandcaicostourism.com 

Provo covers around 38 square miles. It’s 17 miles in length, and from 1.5-8 miles in width.

Map of Provo

Image courtesy http://www.visittci.com 

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